A friend of mine, Tony, provided me a link yesterday that just made me laugh and laugh.

Allegedly someone doing work in their house came across a 1977 JC Penney catalog and decided to have fun with it on the internets.

The looks. The feel. The stigma!

For those of you who weren’t a child of the ’70’s, this might not be as fun or funny. For those of us who are, this might not be as fun or funny – as it just might hit too close to home, at least at one time.

We’re stretch terry coordinates ever really in?  Granted, I was never the height of fashion – especially at 14, so it seems I might have dodged a bullet.

For one of my readers, who was a child of the ’70’s and who now work at JC Penney, well – this just might not be funny at all. Ever.

You can view the entire thing here. JCPenney1977Catalogue_1.pdf

Song by: David Bowie


2 responses to “Fashion

  1. I remember that terry cloth shirts were very in, as I owned many. But I don’t remember the bath robes. Geez, those models are so gay.

  2. I always loved your sleep shirts, Blob!

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