Every Picture Tells a Story

It’s Sunday.   What can I say?  I’m being lazy.

My sister was nice enough to provide me the below picture, which came from the NYT site.

I assume she meant for me to use it on the blog – though she didn’t say so specifically.  Either way, I’m running with it.

Let’s face it, if I could have snapped the pic myself I would have.  But someone did the work for me, as I was not over in England.

Tomorrow should have a more ‘real’ blog entry than this one.  But it is still funny and it made me laugh.

Song by:  Rod Stewart


2 responses to “Every Picture Tells a Story

  1. I think I sang at that church. Or at least worshipped there.

  2. Clearly, that’s the entrance to the brand new Gay Retirement Community.

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