I’m loopt-ed.

It’s a little 1984-ish, but via your cellphone people you chose to track you, can track you.

I don’t think anyone can really tell if I’m at 7-11 or Popeye’s, just that I’m in the general vicinity. ….and it’s not like I have a ton of people who I’m following or allowing them to follow me. As you can see from the map below, I’ve got bi-coastal coverage (thanks Moby, thanks Brad).

Now, if you want to get really really personal, just team up loopt with my new most favourite (yet untested) iPhone application
Yes – use loopt to find which bathroom I might need to use at a moment’s notice. CREEPY.

Song by: the Bangles


4 responses to “Following

  1. Now we can prove those rumor that we hear about you hanging in airport bathrooms….

  2. Oh no you don’t….there’s no way anybody’s going to tell which bathroom I’m getting head in.

  3. I’m just a little uggh’d out by all the mobile tracking systems that have popped up lately. I don’t know if I want everyone knowing where I am all the time.

  4. Tmo’s gps isn’t too accurate but I kinda like that. I like it so far.

    (F)reddy ~ I was originally concerned about privacy as well. You have complete control over who can/can’t see your locations. You can also set it to only update manually.

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