Because blogging and twittering are apparently not enough, now it seems I have to belong to Facebook.

Becky has been getting me to joining for months and I’ve been resisting.  Then Jon joined.  Then Morty.  Then George.  Then Dity.  And as I’ve said before, I’m nothing if not a follower.

I joked that it would take me one step closer to being on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator”, because don’t most of these pervs find each other through here and MySpace?  (wait, I just think I called myself a perv.)

FB is like Twitter or LinkedIn, in so much that, I am not sure what I’m supposed to do with it.  Or what it’s supposed to do with me.

I think it just comes down to that phrase:  the one that dies with the most toys wins. Only the toys here are – how many friends/connections/followers/colleagues you have attached to whichever account.

If that is the case – I lose.

According to CNN, the average Facebook user has 120 “friends”.  120????  Man, I am bringing down the median, as I only have 19.  But I’m not average – clearly.

Of course, I love the article headline:  can it survive?   Whoo-Hooo…..I love jumping on a potentially dying bandwagon.  I’m always behind the curve.  Bother.

I certainly do not find the website that intuitive to use, and while the iPhone applications has much more limitations on what you can and can’t do, it is actually easier to maneuver through.  Go figure.

So far I invited certain friends, some of who have responded.  Some have not.  And some people from the past have found me.  And I’m talking from 15-25 years ago.  WTF?

Actually, two of them are kind of welcome and it has been interesting exchanging emails with them.  But in the greater scheme of things, I think this application has a shelf-life for me.

19 friends.  My g-d.  Facebook proves that life is nothing but an extension of high school – and once again, I’m not sitting at the popular kid’s table.   Not only that, a few years back I blogged that maybe I’d get 22 people to attend my funeral whenever it happens.

I think I aimed high – like by three people.

Song by: Elastica


4 responses to “Connection

  1. I resisted joining MyFace so long that, by the time I did, Spacebook was THE place to be and I was catching the dog by the tail. I’ve been resisting Facebook ever since. Now the boo has asked why I’ve not joined the Facebook revolution and I’ve had to explain that I’m just not interested. Yours is the third blog in as many days that have said you’ve joined. I’m getting pretty good at resisting this peer pressure thing. I feel like I’ve waited so long now that if I DID join, it’d be a Facebook killer and there’d be some other “social networking site” that I’d be encouraged to join. I say no. Not only no, but hell no.

  2. You caved! You are now part of the collective. Resistance is futile. Friend me!

  3. O Good Lord! Twitter, Facebook, Cell Phone Identification? What use is all of this mumbo-jumbo?

  4. Tell me about it! What’d I ever do to Stormy Lowrey that she won’t add me as a friend??

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