Comic Books

I was never a reader of comic books.  I do mean ever.  I’m not sure I’ve ever read one.  I know I’ve never owned or bought one.  I guess I’m not your normal gay boy.  Or normal blogger.  There seem to be a lot of guys out there in Blogland who have devoted their forum to the comic book.  I’m just not one of them.  I’m just not that into it.

I have seen Batman and Spidermen on the big screen, but have successfully avoided things like X-Men, the Hulk, and that thing with blind Ben Affleck.   It is just not my style.

But it is early early Monday and I have to be out of the house early.  The blog post I was working on is not ready.   Time got away from me.

Ruckiry (not Jon’s boss) Moby provided me an excellent, and fairly easy post, so I don’t interrupt my 70+ days  of straight (ha!) blogging.   He became a superhero – and so now I am one also.

Ok, I’m a superhero, but even in my geeky way.  I’m about two steps below Mild Mannered Shoe-Shine Boy.   Yes, I’m the Mighty Thoughtful Philanthropist ……albeit one with incredible legs, arms and torso.  I thought the alter-ego was supposed to be mild-mannered, not the hero portion.  Can I not get anything right?

My mighty weapon is a shopping bag – only because a briefcase was not available as a choice.  It is probably just filled with stuff from Whole Foods.  ….because I’m that gay!

I’ve seen the Incredibles enough to know that Edna Mode says a superhero should never have a cape, as it will just end badly for the protagonist, but as it goes, I couldn’t help at least putting one on.  It looked better than wings – which were my other choice.

The tie, well, it was an obvious choice for me.  My superpower?  Probably the ability to use pivot tables in a single bound!
So, feel free – make yourself a superhero.  You can thank Moby later.

Song by:  Debbie Harry


4 responses to “Comic Books

  1. Nice muscles. And oh, by the way, I’ve never read a comic book in it’s entirety. Don’t hate me.

  2. I’d love to see you in this outfit, as a comic geek AND a gay man 😉

  3. Superheroes should wear shoes.

  4. I’m so super – I don’t need shoes. The feet are Super Hero Tough.

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