Hand in Hand

My cat is in love with me – and quite needy.

Usually on Saturday and Sunday mornings, I get up and read the paper(s) before getting breakfast.    That meal usually consists of a bowl of Honeycomb and then Second Breakfast is either a piece of fruit or an English muffin.

But before that meal, Tovah plants herself on the right arm of the chair, reaches out and holds my hand.  It makes it quite difficult to read the paper – especially turning the pages.


I now know how hard it is to be disabled and only have one arm.

I do attempt to use the right arm, but Tovah reaches out her paw and pulls me back over to her.  Time and time again.  And I just can’t say “no” to her.  And why should I?   She doesn’t ask for much.

Ok, it ain’t the prettiest picture of me, but it’s like 7:30a on Sunday morning and it’s all I got.

I’m kind of fond of her too, by the way.

Song by: Dire Straits


5 responses to “Hand in Hand

  1. My what a big paw you have.

  2. Haha, you have to be the husband. Look at those manly hands you have. Cam & I just got a cat Sunday and he’s taken to use quite quickly. He insists on sleeping on heads and shoulders — not the shampoo bottle.

  3. That is awfully damn cute!

  4. Oh and you haven’t told us what you have for Elevenses?

  5. Oh, what a cute couple! Mason has gotten into the paw thing too…he uses them to hold things down….like my arm or hand or whatever. It is so cute to see.

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