Younger Than Springtime

Today is the first day of Spring. Yayyyyyy.  It’s been a long long time coming.

Granted, it is not actually Spring until 23:47, but the Vernal Equinox still makes it under the wire to appear today.

The winter has been a harsh one up here in Northeast Ohio.  We got our January temps in mid-November, and they stayed. And stayed.  And stayed. We had our second snowiest January – missing the record by less than 2.5″.

But March has been ok.  I know there are a few more snow storms to come before we’re done with this season.  There always are.  Sometimes even in May – but we’re always hopeful.  …and that is something you rarely hear from me.

Yesterday, coming home from work, I saw true signs of Spring…..and right on the side of our drive

Pretty cool, huh?

Before you know it, Morty will be emailing, telling us that college-aged boys are out on the South Oval in shorts playing Hacky Sack.

Maybe we can finally get him to use his digital camera!

Song by: Ezio Pinza


One response to “Younger Than Springtime

  1. Now wait, our weather man on TV said that Spring started at 04:44am this morning here in the Pacific Time Zone….. so how can yours be 23:47?? It’s like a seasonal time warp.

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