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Cover Me

I don’t really have a lot to say today. I do, but nothing I’m really wanting to at this point. Eventually. Maybe. “I’m not promising you anything,Whoopi!”

But I’m on a quest to have at least 100 days of straight blogging and I have like 10 more to go, or less. Count your lucky stars.

I’ve done one of those meme posts here and there, but never tagged anyone. Nor did I ever know anyone who has taken me up on the thing. So colour me surprised when at least three people did, from my post two days ago. Three that I know of.

I have to start off with the person who started it all: Kris. It was her meme actually. But I know the other folks used it from my blog – but she gets the props.  Hers is so Jenny Lewis, it’s eerie.  Loving it!

Jon doesn’t have a blog (yet!). But he took up the cause. …not that it is a cause. I LOVE his album title. It fits him so well, you have no idea. I’m not sure what to make of the Transformer-y cover. To be fair, he doesn’t either.

Sean had a good one too. I love the image. It’s a little Augusten Burroughs, but whatta gonna do?

Birdie’s is the one I really like (next to mine, of course).  The image.  The font.  The creative text placement.

All are impressive because none of these were a slam dunk post.  They took a lot more time than anyone really thought they would – present company included!   So they showed commitment.

If anyone else out there has done it, I’d be happy to add to this post, or do a sequel to the sequel post.

Song by:  Bruce Sprinsteen

Speak My Language

Last night we saw Laurie Anderson. Again.

I’m thinking that made the ninth time in the last two decades or so. The most oft artist I have seen. Some of her performances have been better than others – which is kind of stating the obvious, as they can’t all be equal.

She’s never truly had a hit anything, though one could call “O Superman” her most known work.  And technically this was not a new show – I guess you’d call it a retrospective.

She did pieces from her last show Homecoming, which I wrote about last April.  She did pieces from End of the Moon, Happiness, Moby Dick and Speed of Darkness.  And then she just did a song or story here and there from Strange Angels or The Ugly One With All the Jewels. Only one snippet was new – not really specifically referencing Obama or Bush per se, but she morphed it into an older piece soon enough almost immediately.

Maybe because I’ve seen her so many times, I know what to expect.  Or at least I expect what to expect.  But the audience seems sooooo pretentious last night.  The guy next to me did is barely above the breath, yet too much so over it, “wow” between and during pieces.  Including pieces I don’t think were wow-able.

Or the chick in the lobby who was looking at the merchandise for sale (something I had never seen before at an Anderson show).  While viewing a t-shirt she said to her group, “this is a very unique shirt……………..VERY unique!!!”.

It wasn’t.   Not by a long shot.

But Laurie was.  If I had a criticism (and you know I do!), it is that she didn’t adapt her pieces at all from the other shows.   About 8 years ago she went to work for McDonald’s for two weeks – serving Big Macs and fries.   But in the show, she goes, “last year, I got a job at McDonald’s…”   Would it have been that hard to update the time frame?   Just a peeve of mine, I guess.

I knew the show was a going to be an amalgamation of shows, but I really wanted to hear more from Moby Dick, as it was her only show I had not seen.  I was not rewarded with this.

Still – I’m sure at some point, I will be looking forward to performance #10.

Song by: Laurie Anderson

Dinner at Eight

…that’s what we had yesterday at Cafe Tandoor.

It wasn’t just the two of us either, but with 16 other gay men. It is all part of our quest to be more social. I’d say this qualified.

The Cain Park Arts Festival started yesterday evening. We usually end up attending and always go home empty-handed. Yesterday was no different, though we did see some pieces we liked. The two artists were pretty local and we got their info to see their studio stuff as opposed to whatever they could or decided to haul to display. Our house is woefully in need of real art and not just prints of other stuff.

We did run into our first Cleveland landlord, Howard (I’ll forgo his last name, so you don’t all Gooooogle him). Honest to g-d, if Denton didn’t say his name, I’m not sure I would have recognized him at all. He still has a wickedly handsome face, but now has a mane of hair that is greying and not in a handsome way. His new girlfriend, Andrea, (I’m sorry – anDRAY-ah) was with him. Remind me to post stories later about Howard as a neighbor and a landlord.

Anyway, the plan was for all the gays to meet at the festival at 6p and have dinner at 8p. We could only find some of the men, since we didn’t know about one-third of them. So yes, we expanded our gay circle by another ring.

Dinner proved to be a bit difficult, as it was a long table – so conversations could not flow easily and some people didn’t get a chance to interact at all. I would say only about half the guys knew everyone, and the other half knew almost no one – so we weren’t alone in the same proverbial boat.  But a good time seemingly was had by all.

We’d like to try that again sometime, but we don’t most of the guys to arrange it ourselves.  We’ll see how it goes.

Song by: Rufus Wainwright (btw…the image at top is from the movie of the same name as the song and title post)


Not only does Cleveland has a world renowned orchestra, but it also has an equal counterpart in the art department.

The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the premier places to pictures and stuff. It has also been undergoing a major renovation and will continue for another four years.

But a section was opened this last week – 19 galleries to be specific. We walked down and looked around. It was the first time we walked in the front. Normally (as in Always) we come in through the North Gallery, which is a newer ickier building.

So I hate to say it, I’ve never seen Rodin’s “The Thinker”. I mean – I have seen it, but not in Cleveland. When we were in San Jose back in the day, there was a Rodin exhibit at Stanford (or was it an entire garden?). There was also a “copy” of it at the Toledo Museum of Art.

It got me thinking (ha! get it?) – how many of these things are out there? According to Wikipedia, there are something like 28 of them worldwide. It hardly seems special that we have one. Or that anyone has one.

Ours has the distinction of being damaged – like many Clevelanders. It was damaged back in 1970 by vandals. They never repaired it. Someone in the Netherlands also vandalized their version.

It’s still pretty impressive even for a cast. The original is in Paris.

Inside were some impressive things – Egyptian art, German stuff – and lots and lots of French frilly stuff that doesn’t hold my interest. I did like the swords and bodies of armour though.

Loved the cod-piece on this guy. But he was the only one of the bunch who was protected, you know…. “down there”.

Who’d a thunk?

Song by: Aretha Franklin