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The Man With the Child in His Eyes

Since I started my new job mid-month (or actually, since I left my old job mid-month), my benefits from the former place were still good through the end of this month. Now I signed up for a high deductible health plan, so it didn’t make sense to try to get a bunch of stuff done the only month I was going to be part of it. That’s crazy talk.

But I did cash in on the vision piece of it. Last year I got contacts, this year, I went for a new pair of specs. You can always use those, right?

I usually feel I end up settling on frames – and the older I get, the worse my eyes get. And the worse my eyes get, the less creative I can be (for the most part) with the frames that will support the lenses needed to actually see.

So I found a new frame place. The amount they had was overwhelming, but the owner was great (and funny) and he helped me find – ok ok, he found – a new pair of frames.  Not coincidentally they were the most expensive I had looked at, but the insurance made it a great deal.

…and they are a bit different.

In the picture above, they seem to disappear, which is kind of cool.  In person, they look a bit more neat-o.  They contain chrome accents.

The arms of the are bowed a bit and they don’t even touch my temple.  Nor do they wrap around my ears.  That’s a good thing.

But as I saw this self-picture above, it has come to my attention that I am about one step away from being Dr. Bunson Honeydew.

Song by: Kate Bush

Fall on Me

NE Ohio skirted the “big storm”.  The one that finally meteorologists are now calling a “pre-winter” storm.  Someone in editing or production must have finally got the fact we are not yet in winter.

But the inclement weather skirted us, not missed us.  I guess we got the hem.   The way to work wasn’t bad, just slower than normal.  27 degrees and something between rain and sleet.   Everyone on TV was saying how it is going to be worse as the day goes on – but it never really did except get somewhat colder – like by 2 degrees.

There was no snow, the rain/sleet stopped and the day just, well, was.   I think only the local networks are the ones unaware that their hype is just for them.

But apparently it was treacherous.  I made a brief trip outside the office building in the evening before heading to my car – which ironically was parked in a connecting garage.  It was casual Friday and I wenttres casual – right down to my favourite pair of workboots, ones with heavy treads.  As it turns out, those treads were useless.

Side-stepping a jagged small pile of slush that had turned into ice, I must have hit slick flat ice.  I went down.  I went down hard.

…and naturally, I went down on my bad leg.  For those who don’t know,  due to some surgery 13 years or so ago, I have a metal plate and nine screws in my right leg.   To add insult to injury, I was also carrying my laptop on that same side.  So I went down on that hard too.   Thank g-d, it was my work laptop.

I didn’t damage anything more than my pride, as there was a woman walking behind me.  She didn’t see the ice and I think thought I was just a klutz, until she stepped right where I had and almost tumbled 4 her, herself.

She axed if I was alright, and I bounced back quickly.  I apologized for the expletive that flew out of my mouth.  You know – the one that starts with F and ends in K…….and has a U and C in the middle.  She wasn’t phased, by the word, nor my apology.

Though coming down the stairs this morning, I am feeling a bit sore.  I’ve done worse.  I’ve felt worse.  I’ll live.

Song by: R.E.M.


Another birthday come and gone.  No biggie, right?  Right.

I got some nice calls.  Some good emails.  A few cards.  Even some folks at work seemed to know about the day – and clearly passed the word around.  That last part didn’t go down well with me.  Do I really want some guy from IT I barely know coming up to me and wishing me a  ‘happy birthday’?   I don’t think so.

I begrudgingly let a few of them take me out to lunch.  It was a good salad and I got a piece of cake out of it, so it wasn’t all bad. But I really don’t like making a big deal about the day – I think I’ve said that here every year I’ve had this blog.  I mean, I’m ok to do stuff with Denton, but I’m a low key guy when it comes to having attention brought to me that way.  Yes – even for a Leo.

I mean – I want attention, but only when I call it to myself.  I am a Leo. Not just because I got birthed.  Let it be for my superior dancing around the kitchen skills, or my way around an Excel spreadsheet.  Yes, I’m a dancing geek.

So, why the “Call Me” header?  Because Denton got me the present:  iPhone 3G (16 gig!), white back.   I was hoping, of course, but who knew?

Well, I did, kind of.  He calls me at work to tell me that ‘oh, your cell phone isn’t currently working.  I’ve had the service cut off.’   Since I have Sprint and theiPhones are on AT&T, I kind of figured out he had done something.

Don’t go thinking he was being completely altruistic,  he got himself one too (black back).   Now I just need to figure out how to use it exactly.   I mean  I know how to answer the phone and dial it, but I have to get my contacts moved over, load my music, set up my email, etc.

I’m quite excited, a little nervous and seemingly somewhat guilty for having such a device.  But I am thrilled to be getting rid of my Treo and Sprint.  The only two places I couldn’t use it:  home and work.   ZERO signal.  None.  It was so frustrating.

I know Becky and Andrew love theirs, so it must be good.

Oh, and I’ll be able to blog from it and Twitter away, I guess.   There will be no stopping me!!!!

Song by: Blondie (Spanish version, ‘natch!)
which btw, is comical because about the only two words they don’t sing in Spanish are ‘Call Me’.