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She’s No Lady, She’s My Wife

Let’s face something right now: I probably would not have even started a blog if it weren’t for Rebecca.

I won’t go as far as to say she made me to it, but she encouraged me to and I love that I caved to her wishes. She also got me to join Twitter and helped goad me into that entire Facebook vortex (George’s description, not mine – though he is 100% correct).

If she has her way (and Jon too), and I get a new MacBook, you might see vlogs here. MIGHT. That is months away, unless my PowerBook gets hit by space debris falling to earth.

Morty, Jon and Dith get some exposure here, but Rebecca probably gets a bit more. I don’t mean to play favourites, but she does have a novel (!) and actually has provided me with some great bits to use here.

I waited for a few days for her to post this – but she didn’t, so I am claiming it as my own – though it is totally hers. Except for the writing and posting part. She provided the link. But really, that is about 67% of it – right?

It is nice to see that lesbians don’t have it all together, like they are usually portrayed. It is usually us pansies that get the bad rap for homosexuality. We put things in places they allegedly do not belong. I mean, except for Morty George.

You can certainly read the article, but I’ll just tell you now the highlights are:  lady same sex marriage, getting ‘all liquored up’, brother’s semen, turkey baster, and attempted forced insemination.

Whooo-hooooo.  Liquor in the Front, Gamblin’ out Back!!!!

Seriously, how tragic…….and yet hilarious.   Yet I’m sure come election time, it will be a reason for the Right to campaign to repeal same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

And as it turns out, this is a post Becky could have never written.  She lives to close to this, what I can only assume is a double-wide.  Those “gals” could come over and do some major damage to her if they ever found her.

I’m assuming they’d hold her down and draw some new eyebrows on her as their revenge.

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Hot Shaved Asian Teens

Ok, ok…..the title here has nothing to do with anything, except that I have no other song titles that have anything to do with Asian culture other than the Vapors’ “Turning Japanese”.   …and that wasn’t the geographical location I was going for.  However, the title might trigger a whole new readership.

I’m sure you’ve all been reading / hearing /watching the goings on in Mumbai.  Horrible circumstances.

But you know,  Thailand is getting some protesters.  Tens of thousands out there wanting the end to the current government.  So many are out there protesting, they shut down Bankok’s airport.

What does this mean to me?   Absolutely nothing.

What I found amusing is that the group is called People’s Alliance for Democracy.

Yes, they are:  Pad Thai.

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I’ll Watch the News

What do you think this is all about?    Yes, it’s a quiz….not entirely rhetorical.

You’d think it was folks waiting to place a vote on Tuesday’s election, but it twasn’t.   It was people lined up (my estimation:  500-700 folks) to get a later edition of the Washington Post – the one where it says OBAMA WINS.   The one I didn’t get at my hotel.  Damned ‘early edition’  (somewhere, Morty just got wood!).

This was the line two blocks from the Post’s main office.  There were also people 60-100 deep at each CVS I passed waiting for their delivery too.

Apparently print isn’t dead.   Who knew?

And it’s not – not really. I still read the actual Plain Dealer – I never know why.  I breeze through it in record time.  There ain’t never nuttin’ in there.  And of course, the NYT on Sundays, but that is mostly for the Wedding section.

Of course, Neither is video.  I’m thinking Palin might wish both were.  For the print piece, as Andrew pointed out in a Twit, there is the Newsweek piece (mostly page 2) that points out some weird-ass behavior on her part:  towel parading and more clothing issues.  For the video part, well she is caught not knowing that Africa is a continent, and not a country.   I’m not posting the YouTube of it.

She has as much education as her future son-in-law who dropped out of high school!  2012, indeed.

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Comic Books

As it gets closer and closer to election day, I’m finding it harder and harder to only do one post a day.  Things just seem to present themselves to me on silver platter.

While wanting to be relevant, I also like to retain the ‘stuff & nonsense’ this blog is about – for the most part.   But I’m also finding that time is ticking away where I haven’t even done my Record of the Month or my Shopping with Blobby segments.  Time’s a-wastin’.

Chop Chop!

So for today, since it is Sunday – I bring you something from the Sunday Funnies:  Doonesbury

As timely as it is, and as funny as it is, the subject is already a bit tiresome – no?  It has become apparent that McCain as no other talking point and “Joe” is brought up more in his conversation than She Who Must Not Be Named.

I had to pull this from the Washington Post – and what I found most interesting about it is, that in the Plain Dealer, they cut the first two panels.

I am used to the PD dumbing-down the NYT articles.  Yes, they change as many polysyllabic words as possible and cut a two page article in the Times down to five paragraphs in the PD.  We ain’t done got no edjucation here!

….but comic editing?  This is a new one on me.  I guess I will have to start reading these on-line too – just to see what I’m missing.   For all I know, maybe someone in Apartment 3-G had an abortion!

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Freedom of Choice

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has endorsed Obama.

I’m not really surprised, but one just never knows. And maybe others know this – but I am unaware of how much cache a newspaper endorsement holds. I don’t know how, or if, it translates into actual votes. There might be statistics on this, but I’m not willing to do the research.

Cleveland and Cuyahoga county are big Democratic strongholds, so it might not mean a thing. If Obama carries the state, it will be on Cuyahoga and Franklin counties coattails. We have been a reddish state for almost the last decade (longer if you count governors), and it would nice to be blue. But in reality we will be purple.

As much at the editorial board saw a need for change, they took a few swipes at McCain. You can read the entire PD endorsement here if you’d like, but I thought I’d take the time to post what I thought were the highlights:

We salute McCain as an exemplary citizen and a Washington rebel. But as a presidential nominee, McCain has been a disappointment. He was late to understand the primacy of economic pain. He has failed even to define a rationale for a McCain presidency. Experience is useful, but it’s not vision.

In their first debate, McCain haughtily said that Obama did not understand the difference between strategy and tactics. His campaign suggests that he doesn’t, either.

Take his selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. McCain seemed too caught up in the game-changing possibilities of teaming with a woman reformer to scratch the smiling surface. Had he, McCain might have realized that Palin is utterly unprepared for the job he offered — let alone the one that might fall to her. His trust in her undermines our trust in him.

Trust is essential to the presidency. Americans want to believe that the chief executive understands their lives, will protect their interests and will not compromise their safety. They want a president who represents what America can be, not what it has been.


CNN had a poll at their on-line site, and while not scientific, it shows that most folks have made their final decision.
Yet here we are – having to wait 18 more days to find out. 18 more days of bad late night jokes. 18 more days of robo-calls. 18 more days of ad after ad after ad.

Of course, it will be over soon, just not soon enough. Hopefully there will be something to celebrate.

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All g-d’s Children

I had heard one of the more interesting political / religious stories (seriously – when don’t they overlap anymore?) this last weekend via NPR’s On the Media.

The guest was a woman who had written a book on Evangelicals and their true relationship with the GOP, the so-called major players of the religious/political movement (Falwell, Dobson, etc) and the influence of those leaders – or more accurately – their lack of it.

Christine Wicker, the author of this book, was a former evangelical herself , but not with an axe to grind, and is also a journalist. She fully admits to how the right-wing religious folk completely used the media to forward an agenda and statistics that were not accurate – including the one of their being a ‘liberal media’.

But I also love the fact that she breaks down the myth that 1 in 4 americans are evangelical of some kind – and she does it through a variety of methods. The best number she can estimate is 7%. Not 25. …and that most don’t even know who James Dobson is. Bonus points!

Anyway – for us non-jebus worshiping voters, it provides a small glimmer of hope.

You can listen to the entire segment here (or below) – as the transcript is not available in text format until sometime on Monday.

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Sexy Sadie

As unnatural as it sounds, I read Helter Skelter when I was in 7th grade!

Yes, most kids in that grade are still reading something like the Narnia series. Not me. A teacher actually took the book away from me – and probably rightfully so. But I also got it back the very same day.  Maybe she wasn’t a very good teacher.

It really is a fascinating read. If you haven’t – you should. Fiction was never this good. Most of it doesn’t seem real. You almost have to suspend your disbelief to get through it. That might be easier for a 7th grader. But I have re-read it several times since.

Suffice to say – I wasn’t your normal elementary school student.  A year earlier I had read the entire Warren Commission Report.   What any of this did to me developmentally is anyone’s guess.  All I think it did was make me grow up much quicker – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  It might help explain my cynicism.   I said ‘might’!!

In the last few days I’ve seen a number of news reports that say, Manson Family member and ‘Sharon Tate killer’, Susan Atkins, wants to be released from prison on a ‘compassionate release‘ – as she has 6 or less months to live.

True, she was a Family member, but more than likely it was one of her counterparts who killed Sharon Tate. But undoubtedly, she helped kill others too.

Neither here or there, but I would say – why not let her out?

She has spent almost 40 years in prison – which is a fuck of a lot longer than most will ever spend and who have done as heinous of crimes – or worse. Oh, and she has terminal brain cancer and has at least one amputated leg. It’s not quite like she’s going on some massive killing spree (unless someone gives her a car that requires a clutch!).

Even by the California Penal system admission (hehehe – I said ‘penal) – she has been a model prisoner for most of the entire time she has been incarcerated. I suppose, except for that burning a swastika into her forehead with a red hot bobby pin. But kids will be kids!

Atkins, was by no means a saint that went astray, but let’s face it -acid and an allegedly charismatic man? – well, who would not kill for that? Literally.

In all seriousness – when does a prisoner’s debt to society end? I think it is the more gruesome crimes with less press coverage that have an easier chance of getting out of the clink, whether they are model citizens or not. True the Manson girls got life, but not life without parole (technically, they got the death penalty, but reduced to life sentences after they abolished the gas chamber in 1972). Press coverage still comes and goes over this stuff for these.  Every two years I see something in the news about their parole being denied.  I never see that about the “Hillside Stranger”.

So if not released, California would be responsible for her care – and the cost of it – whereas, if she were released, it would be her family’s burden. Her biological one – not that crazy weirdo and Squeaky Fromme.

For all intense purposes, it is highly unlikely anyone would have been caught for the crime if it weren’t for Atkins (or Sadie – which was her alias, which was indeed taken from this post title). Assuming that is what she was arrested for – instead of grand theft auto – she yakked to a few cellmates in detail about what she/they had done. Only for one of those cellmates talking, did people put 2+2 together. She should get something for being that stupid – no?

Not even six months out of jail before she kicks it?

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