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Gonna Buy Me a Dog

I don’t know why I like this so much. I was just sitting on the Metro and this lady and her ‘dog’ gets on the train.

The camera phone doesn’t pick up the colours all that well. The tongue was extremely pink.

Even for a fake dog, he was cute. Well, I assume it was a ‘he’. It seemed like a ‘he’.

I want a pup, but I don’t think we’ll probably ever get one. With my current work schedule (more on that later….possibly), I still don’t know we could do it and keep a doggie happy. It is just not fair to leave them alone for that long of a time…..and I’m not keen on hiring a dog sitter or walker.

Maybe the lady on the Red line can’t have a real dog either – which is why she is most likely on her way home from FAO Schwartz with her new pet.

Song by: the Monkees

Bigmouth Strikes Again

I don’t think I mentioned that around the xmas holidays we had taken Tovah to the vet. ….and by ‘we’, of course, I mean Denton.

After we lost Kylie about 18 months ago, I couldn’t bear the possibility of hearing bad news, as Tovah is now the age Kylie was when she got ill – so I didn’t go.

Since they are not outdoor cats, we have been really bad about going to the vet regularly. With Sophie – that has all changed. She’s gone more times than Tovah and Kylie combined.

There was good news and bad. Overall, Tov’s health was good – except some dental stuff. The poor girl had six infected teeth that needed to come out. Ouchy.

Cats are very stoic – so we didn’t know that she was in probably in pain. A few weeks later, Denton took her back in for the tooth extraction and she came through that just fine….though she is never too happy with us when she goes in the carrier or in a car.  Oh – and they also took photos of her mouth during surgery.  I couldn’t even look at them – though for about a nano-second I thought of scanning and posting them.   You can thank me later for not doing that.

Apparently cats use their teeth to kill things more than they do to eat kibble. So she bounced back quickly – though she got a few days of pain killer and a week and a half of antibiotic (you guessed it – Denton gave her that too!).  She has been happy and a little feisty (not 1-2-3-4 Fiest-y), so I think she’s ok now.

She had one follow-up appointment where she got the all-clear. But the vet gave us a cat dental device, so we can brush her teeth…….the ones that remain. You can see it below – it’s like a plastic ring you wear and get the right side of the thingy in her mouth. GOOD LUCK with that!

….but also if you look close at the picture, she gets Poultry Flavoured toothpaste.

I suppose that is supposed to make it all better!

Song by: the Smiths

Puppy Love

Yes, I know I posted something similar a year ago – but who frickin’ cares? It’s the Puppy Bowl IV.

It is worth at least another mention.  You’ll probably see another one a year from now.  Suck it up!

I know I’ve mentioned before, I could care less about pro-football, and the Super Bowl is no exception (save the chance to see a shot of Mike Vrabel).

TPB, as I’ll refer to it, runs the same time as the highly expensive commercials football event, but it a lot cuter and a lot more fun. Though I’m not obligated to watch it, TPB runs on one of my client’s channels.

When/If you got to the website, you can check out the starting line-up – though I’m looking forward to seeing Justin, Colt and Mrs. Roper (i love that name!).

You really should keep it on for the ‘under the water bowl cam’ and when a ref comes out to call a foul (i.e. pick up some doggie doo-doo).
I don’t see a link to it, but there is also a Kitty Kat Half Time Show.  You should stick around for that too.

Song by:  Donny Osmond

One Year Later

It’s been a long time since there’s been a Sophie update.

But I thought I should at least acknowledge that as of today we’ve had her for a year. Sometimes it seems like she’s been here forever…..others it seems like we’ve had her for a few days.

During my other updates, I said that in time Sophie and Tovah would get along. While that has happened to a degree, Tov seems to still hold much animosity towards her sister….but luckily none against us for bringing her home.

As I type this, she is confront Tovah who is just trying to rest on the couch.  Paws are raised…as are kitty vocals.  Sophie gets whapped a lot from Tovah, who just does it in preparation of being besieged upon.  I till think Soph just wants to play, but Tov is having none of it.

Sophie is still kitten-like, though she is probably 16-17 months old. Boundless energy and always under foot – literally. And like me, she feels the need to comment on everything.  She is a chatty little thing.

She still exhibits no fear, which scares me. While Tovah is good in her limited time outside, Sophie likes to tear around and not adhere to the rules. Getting her to come back inside is a full-time job.

She is her father’s cat too. …and I don’t mean me. She climbs on top of and sleeps on or next to Denton…at least downstairs. For some reason I’m the heat source upstairs. I’ll take whatever time I can get with her. Though truth be told, I’m a little envious. …or is it jealous? All the cats have been this way – they like their other dad bestest.

Oh – and recently Soph has figured out how to open cupboards.  Cute – yet annoying.

One Year Old

We’ve only had her eight months, but Sophie makes the turn from kitten to cat today. Clearly it is only in age and not how she acts. She is still 100% kitten at heart, mind and paws.

Maybe it is true what they say about animals you save from shelters, that they know it and attach to their owners more so than other pets. Sophie has. We never go anywhere within the house that she doesn’t go.

As we go up to bed she always beats us to the top of the back staircase……and waits for us. There is usually swatting through the slats at the top. Then she just hops down the hall to the bedroom to wait for us.

Sophie doesn’t sleep with us anymore. I don’t know where she crashes at night. Once or twice when the temperature drops I’ve found her pressed against me in bed, but clearly she is just using me for my body heat. I don’t know why all the cats do that. They never do it to Denton. Their combined 22 lbs push my body around at night like it was a piece of lint. I don’t know how they do it.

Soph’s undercoat is becoming more brown than we previouly imagined. For fun I’ve given her the secondary name of Stripey McBrownerson. She seems unfazed by this.

She is a handful when it comes to her sister. Tovah is becoming better about not letting Sophie push her around and Sophie is a little better about not completely attacking / annoying Tovah. There are more and more smackdowns – and Tovah usually wins. I’m glad Tovah wins, because she is becoming her old self again and spending time with us. But part of me is sad that Sophie always loses.

Sophie cannot be trusted outside….not even supervised visits. It’s not her fault – she doesn’t know any better and she is scared of nothing. And she is quick as a whip. So far, she has very little time out. But to be fair, all the cats had this adjustment and it took years before they were allowed out – and all of those are supervised. They just don’t bolt to places they shouldn’t.

Anyhoo…we love her and she’s been a great addition to the family. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m glad she picked us.

Lucky 13

Tovah turns 13 today. She’s a pretty girl – no? I’ve loved all our cats, but she does have the bestest markings of any of the girls.

Like Kylie before her, we got her sight unseen. I came home on day one to find that she escaped from her dedicated space to see her on the stairs looking down at me.

Tovah is a variation of the Hebrew word for ‘good’ – which as a kitten was exactly what she was not.

Tovah wanted to be Kylie’s friend. Kylie would have nothing to do with it. Kylie and Tovah pretty much co-existed, but friends they were not. I would catch them snuggling when it was cold, but other than that led separate lives. Tovah is experiencing the same big sister thing now with Sophie.

Tovah is, or was, a talker. Full conversations could be had with her. Since we’ve gotten Sophie, she’s much quieter, but not seemingly mad at us for getting a little sister. Just peeved at Sophie and her constant attacks.

Tov is all about control. Born in a barn she didn’t have much human interaction those first formative weeks, so we rarely get to hold her and she isn’t a lap cat. She loves to sleep with us and likes to sleep ON my arm. This way she knows I’m there but she can control where the hand goes. Smart girl. She only comes on top of us while we are in bed so she can attempt to strangle us knead our necks. It’s some kind of soothing thing for her….and for us. I can fall asleep as she does it to me.

Unlike most cats, she isn’t about the food or treats. She LOVES water. Fresh water. Fill her water bowl and she comes running. She also fancies herself to be an outdoor cat – which she is not. She gets supervised outdoor time in good weather. All she really wants to do is chew on our ornamental grasses then come back in.

Tovah is a pretty happy cat. She has a great purr, and even when it is not in full volume, she likes to keep it on what I call a ‘maintenance rumble’. All the girls hold a special place in my heart, but Tovah will always be extra special to me. For her special day, we’ll give her some outdoor time. No special wet food this year – mostly due to the poisoning thing still going on. I’m not above giving her tuna water though.

…but we try to make every day a special one for Tovah. She does it for us.

I’ve Changed My Mind

I’ve never really been pro-death penalty. I’ve never been pro-bible. But for those who are, are usually contradictory with the two. Though Shalt Not Kill or Eye for an Eye. Which is it? Well, it’s usually which is most convenient. Abortion versus War. Abortion versus a convicted murderer.

It seems that the religious right only deems the sixth commandment necessary when it comes to embryos and sperm/egg hook-ups. And timing.

During the 2000 election season, Becky asked me about my thoughts on the death penalty. I’m usually against it. I was questioned on the ‘usually’ part. I don’t think that lethal injection does anything to deter crime. I don’t think criminals think that way. And I think there is too much of an error factor in our justice system to begin with.

Anyway, my ‘usually’ comment originated from a story of a man who forced someone to drink drain cleaner at gun point. Personally, I would rather he had just shot me…..but that’s me. But the person died from the drain cleaner.  In reality, the way that person died is not better or worse than what others have gone through – it just seemed at the time so harsh.

Here is where I’m fully for the death penalty: people who kill or torture pets. While working out the other day – all of the channels on the gym’s televisions had news stations on. All were rife with pet food poisoning and the beheading and gift wrapping of a dog’s head that was delivered to the little girl who owned him. My iPod was in so luckily I couldn’t hear anything, but it was almost impossible to escape the images.

I don’t know and I’m not implying that the rat poison in the pet chows were intentional. Clearly the dog beheading was.

FUCKING FREAK! Same with those who toss or burn kittens and what have you. For this kind of shit – I am ALL for the death penalty.

I’d be happy to plunge the syringe in myself.