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There is no real good reason for posting this.  At least I don’t think.   I could have told you where (roughly) I came out on the scale without ever actually taking the 40 question quiz.  Not only that, I swear I have taken and posted something like this before, but with over 180 posts that could be determined ‘political’ it was too hard to find.

With 126 unaccounted for points – it seems that the term ‘very progressive’ would be overstating it, unless if you got to 400 they just branded you a Sandinista.

Most of the questions are clear cut, but sometimes the phrasing of it made me carefully chose my answer(s).   If the word ‘always’ or ‘never’ appeared, I wasn’t so quick to pick the number I initially might have, so I tempered my level of agreement.

I could not find a way to embed this sucker into the blog, so all you get above is a .jpg of my score.   However, if you would like to take your own quiz of this – you can get to it by going here.

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Money Money Money

These are tough economic times. Ask anyone.

Ask Barack. Ask the GOP House of Representatives. Hell, ask the CEOs needing/wanting bail-out money who might now be forced to live on a measly $500k per year.  How will they do it?

And when it comes to political activism, I try to do the right thing for the right causes – or as what I see to be the right ones.

But it has been killing me, that on a daily basis – or sometimes more – moveon has been emailing me asking for money.  The election is over, but now they want $$$$ to help  pass the stimulus package put before congress.   Or to buy ad time for a senate race………..for 2010!!!

Seriously?   And it’s not even in my district or state?

Yes – these are hard times.  Too hard for me to be coughing up $25 per email they keep sending me.

George Soros and Peter B. Lewis are billllllionaires who originally helped fund moveon. Good for them.  From there on it became kind of a grassroots effort.   But now I’m not sure how those roots are there, or can afford it.

Not only that, we had some big wins back in November after eight years of losses.   I’m thinking not only have funds dried up, but enthusiasm and basic need for change has too.

I know at least at this point, I’m not giving.

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Feels So Different

g-d, this must kill some folks – you know?

Forever our history was changed a few months back, but today it is a reality. Done deal. Locked in place.  I’m loving it!

I was almost going to go all Sesame Street on your asses and call this ‘One of These Things is Not Like the Other’, but the following line, I remembered, goes, ‘one of these things does not belong’ – and that just wasn’t right.  He does!

But as Sinead sings, things do feel different.  If nothing else, we have a president who can actually form sentences, pronounce words and say them aloud.  Bush’s “folksy” Texas twang, via Maine and Connecticut was an insult to us.  No Child Left Behind should have been started because of him.

There is optimism too. I’m very hopeful for Obama.  No doubt he’s got a hard road ahead.  We all do.

Why presidents are judged on their first 100 days is a mystery to me – other than after that, they have to start the re-election cycle.  But the issues we face, the ones GWB left us, won’t be solved in 100 days.  Or 300.  If that 100 days is what history will place on Barack – it is a sad sad day.

But as we talk about history and how presidents are viewed, you must read Leonard Pitts Jr.’s piece on Shrub and his place in history.  On the plane ride back from Mexico to Ohio, I just smiled as I read it, and crossed my fingers that it all comes true.

I am totally bummed I have to work and cannot watch this all take place – even on tv.  But thanks to DVRs and 24 news, I have no doubt I’ll be able to catch it all when I get home.

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I Have Forgiven Jesus

This is a bumper sticker on a car that parks near me every morning.

I’m not a fan believer in the big JC, but I think we’ve covered that here more than once. Clearly, many other folks out there are. I won’t offend your beliefs if you don’t offend mine.  Deal?

But yet the sticker amused me. It immediately made me think of Dickface GWB’s statements a term or so back regarding his decision to head into the Middle East avenge his father’s failure……ummm….I mean, to bring peace to the world:

‘I am driven with a mission from God’. God would tell me, ‘George go and fight these terrorists in Afghanistan’. And I did. And then God would tell me ‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq’. And I did.”

But I do love how politicians bring g-d into the picture. And yeah, I’m talkin’ about S. Palin. Because if g-d wants oil, it is his will to have a pipeline. He couldn’t figure any other way to do it if he wanted his earth raped and pillaged to run your Escalade.

Folks like W and Sarah (and trust me, it really isn’t limited to politicians) fail to see the irony or outright stupidity in the things they say.  They take liberties with the 10 Commandments when they see fit, but want to stick to the letter of the “law” in Leviticus when they want state laws banning men to lay down with men.

Anyway, the bumper sticker amused me.

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The Married Man

There have been some half-baked thoughts out there on Prop 8 – on both sides.  Maybe not that bad, but more wrought with emotion than logic.   My Keith Olbermann post from the other day was one I liked, but for the demographic who watch his show – he was preaching to the choir.  He was not really bringing one over to the Gay Side of marriage.

Last Saturday, on Real Time with Bill Maher, Dan Savage was on (again) – his first time after Prop 8 failed.  I’m not a huge fan of Savage’s written column – it’s a bit over the top for me – but as a commentator, he’s articulate, and has well thought-out ideas and if need be, arguments.

Take this clip.  Yeah, you have to sit through Ashton Kutcher, and his borderline homophobic response (about 50 seconds in) – he almost redeems himself (1:45 in).   Almost!

It is really about 4:10 into the video where Savage presents one of the best counterpoints to the Right, or the Mormons, or the Catholics rationale on why same sex marriage is a threat to the institution.   It’s a fun thing to watch – but maybe that’s just me.

Fall-out from Prop 8 continues.  The multiple protests that happened last weekend (admittedly, I did not attend in the 35 degree pouring rain) – which was coordinated in days via FaceBook or MySpace.  They got hundreds of thousands of people protesting – something HRC couldn’t do in a year’s worth of planning.

There is a push for Hollywood to boycott the Sundance Film Festival – as the latter is full of Mormons (major instigators to push Prop 8 to pass) and the former is full of homosexuals.  No – it’s true!  I swear!!!

I’m ok with the boycott.  Nothing good has come out of Sundance since sex, lies and videotape anyway.

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I Never Will Marry

I haven’t written word one about Proposition 8 in California.  It is not so much that I don’t care or that it doesn’t affect me in some way.  It does.  It should.  Does it affect me in the here and now?  Not so much…..but yes, in the bigger scheme of things.

I was hopeful that as some states started to tumble in their gay marriage rulings, others would take a step closer to acceptance.  When California barely passed their ban last week, it was unfortunate. Not completely unexpected, but I can’t say I wasn’t hopeful.

My would-be 2nd husband, Keith Olbermann, does a nice commentary on gay marriage and Prop 8.  Yes, I know he’s not gay – though I’m not sure he had to make sure everyone knew that only 15 seconds into his schpiel.  Other than that, he hits all the nails right on the head.

I would like to think that his thoughts are enough for some of those voting for a ban to rethink what they have done and how things work.   I’m not as hopeful about that – but it is still a nice thought.

Song by:  Linda Ronstadt

the Lowlands

Allison Moorer once sang one of my most favourite lyrics: “it’s unpopular to be unpopular”. Bush must just hate Allison Moorer.

Just to add pleasure to last week’s election results, GWB is at an all time record low for approval ratings. 76% say he’s doing a bad job.

….oh not just for his presidency. For any presidency. …at least since approval ratings have been kept (i.e. the last 60+ years!).

Yes, W has a rating lower than Nixon’s when he resigned. Ouch! (I couldn’t find a graph that had just his approval ratings that went past October – so you’re stuck with this one!)

The Putz Pres had a high rating of almost 90% right after 9/11, dipping to 55 right before invading Iraq (bumping him up 20 points), but since then it’s been on a steady decline.  As of this last weekend, he is up to a 76% disapproval rating.  The next lowest?   Harry Truman back in 1952!!

There has always been speculation on how history would treat Shrub. Clearly, only time will really tell, but I feel that unless Iraq is truly liberated and becomes a fully democratic society, he’s destined to be vilified – and with good reason.

I also don’t feel that Iraq will be liberated and become democratic within our lifetime.

Yes, it is unpopular to be unpopular.    ….and he’d know.

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