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Come to Jesus

I love walking around work the day after Mardi Gras.  All these people with ashes on their forehead.

But I’m loving the someecards that I came across my email yesterday.

People might find religion, or at least find it more interesting or tolerable if it were limited to 140 characters.

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Like a Prayer

I know it’s been a few days with no posting.  Work things, ya know.   More on that later, I guess.

I was back in DC and while it’s a happening town, with all the political protests and some gathering for special causes and interests, oddly enough you just don’t see things what I would consider out of the ordinary.   Mind you – maybe I’m not the benchmark for what is normal, but even I know a freak show when I see it.

Like this.

Oddly enough I didn’t have my camera camera on me, so I had to settle to use my crappy cellphone one.  I should have just walked up to them and snapped away, but I didn’t.  I mean it’s not like they were going to chase me down – they were media whores.

Let me set up what they were doing.  Praying.  With megaphones.

Yes, some group or other was conducting an entire novina to protest the showing of Jerry Springer – the Opera at Studio in the gayest part of DC.

And while yes, it is a gay-hood, there are mega numbers of straight people there. And since it is DC, very multi-ethnic as well.  With that big of a cross-section, I saw no one who didn’t stop and just shake their head like these boys (I do believe they were all male.  Priests, perhaps?  Seminary students?  Pedophiles?  All of the Above?).

Except for the two dozen or so participants, everyone else thought they were nuts.

I don’t know anything about the show, except it combines two of my least favourite things:  Opera (sorry Jon M, sorry Ade) and Jerry Springer.  Wouldn’t attending this be like going to hell?  If you can read their very expensive protest signs (really – where do they come up with funding to make these?), apparently the show makes reference to the virgin mary and her body.   Again – I don’t care enough to care.

But it was fun to watch.  Probably more so than the opera.

Song by: John Wesley Harding (ha! I bet you thought I’d say Madonna)

All g-d’s Children

I had heard one of the more interesting political / religious stories (seriously – when don’t they overlap anymore?) this last weekend via NPR’s On the Media.

The guest was a woman who had written a book on Evangelicals and their true relationship with the GOP, the so-called major players of the religious/political movement (Falwell, Dobson, etc) and the influence of those leaders – or more accurately – their lack of it.

Christine Wicker, the author of this book, was a former evangelical herself , but not with an axe to grind, and is also a journalist. She fully admits to how the right-wing religious folk completely used the media to forward an agenda and statistics that were not accurate – including the one of their being a ‘liberal media’.

But I also love the fact that she breaks down the myth that 1 in 4 americans are evangelical of some kind – and she does it through a variety of methods. The best number she can estimate is 7%. Not 25. …and that most don’t even know who James Dobson is. Bonus points!

Anyway – for us non-jebus worshiping voters, it provides a small glimmer of hope.

You can listen to the entire segment here (or below) – as the transcript is not available in text format until sometime on Monday.

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g-d is a real estate developer

You know the Bible 69%!

Wow! You are truly a student of the Bible! Some of the questions were difficult, but they didn’t slow you down! You know the books, the characters, the events . . . Very impressive!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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I totally swiped this from Curtis’ blog. He went to bible college – and clearly, I think we all know that I did not.

Though they say I’m ‘very impressive’ – and I am, just not in bible stuff – some of the questions were just a little too easy if you went by process of elimination. Many have them have nothing to do with biblical knowledge.

I was a little disappointed they didn’t tell me which questions I got right or wrong. How will I ever learn??? Don’t say by reading the book – that’s never gonna happen.

It’s probably not a coincidence that my score was a 69. I guess I couldn’t get a 666, so that’s the number they had to settle on.

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Love is the Drug

Oh no!!!! The pope says that sex is like a drug!!!!

Fuck – let’s hope so!!! It’s not like I have any other vices left – unless you count food and chocolate.

Actually CNN says the pope says that.  If you really look/listen further into the text/quote, he says it, but not in the context to which you (or I) think.

When talking about THE church’s 40th anniversary on their document that condems contraception, Benedict expressed concern that human life risks losing its value in today’s culture, and worried that sex could “transform itself into a drug” that one partner had to have even against the will of the other.

Well, that’s just rape.  Or manipulation.  I’m sure the catholic church wouldn’t know anything about that!

I was really hoping for a story on sex addiction or something…..which usually include rape, manipulation and an altar boy or priest.   What?  Too sweeping of a generalization?

On an unrelated note (or is it?) – some naval rear admiral (hehe, I said ‘rear’) was demoted and fired for having an affair 18 YEARS ago!!!!

Are you fucking kidding me??

Oh – and he nailed the broad in the White House during Bush 1’s term.   Apparently the big faux pas wasn’t that he had sex, or in the White House, but that he lied to the woman saying he was a widower when he was actually still married!!!

OH NO!!!!!   A man lying to get into someone’s pants??   What has this world come to???   (Maybe we should ask Fr. Flanagan!)

But I am dying that the Department of Defense if finally catching up with this guy almost two decades later.  It leaves our current soldiers free to rape Iraqi civilians without fear of punishment… least for two decades.

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Them There Eyes

I don’t really have a post subject matter at hand. It’s been a whirlwind few days in DC – work work work. No play. So this is all just random thoughts.

But it was beautiful. The weather couldn’t have been nicer, but these folks seem to think they are in the deep south. 50 degrees and they are still wearing gloves and scarves. …and still are when the temps creep into the 70s. Me? I’m wearing nothing but a shirt and suit coat. ….well, pants too. But no overcoat. I didn’t even pack one.

It is also the end of Cherry Blossom Festival and from what I could see they were still in bloom. Always purdy.

But now I’m stuck at the airport. Not stuck stuck. Delayed. My plane ran over a bolt on the runway during landing and they had to get a part from Dulles. The kitties should have me home by now to comfort them during my being away, but even that is delayed. And though this bolt thing has thwarted me getting home, I keep coming back to: which plane lost the bolt? I’m assuming it’s a needed part. And even if not – isn’t that what the Concord hit right before it upon taking off in France a few years ago – effectively sealing that airline’s fate?

The pope came and went from DC….and not a moment too soon. He’s NYC’s problem now. But there are more priests in this airport than you can shake an altar boy at.

Upon wondering around DC I stumbled up on an eyeglass store. One that’s hip but not too artsy-fartsy. I mean, they are, but not TOO artsy-fartsy. Mohammed helped me (not the religious leader, just a store clerk). As you may have read here over the years, I’m always in search of a great pair of frames. I always feel like I settle and never truly happy with whatever I select (save one pair).

But I did find them this time. They were my first selection and even though Mo (as I thought of him as) and I went through other glasses, we both agreed the initial pair were the ones. I then asked the $64,000 Question……or as it turns out the $1,375 question.

To paraphrase the pope: “Jesus Fuckin Christ!” Almost $1,400 for frames? I couldn’t even ask what it would cost with lenses.

I should mention these aren’t just any frames. No. I’m too good for just any frames. These are made out of horns from African water buffalo and cattle. I can only assume the carrying case is lined with baby seal fur. I didn’t ask.

The thing is – I still want the frames. So extravagant. I was telling Denton about them saying I couldn’t possibly afford them and the iPhone (not that I’m really planning on getting that anytime soon either), but his reply was priceless: “well, do you want to see or be seen?”.


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The Metro

My trip to DC coincides with Benedict XVI. Oh lucky me!!!!

Oh lucky him!!

I am such a fan of the Third Reich, it will be an honour just to be in the same city as der Fuher.

…obviously I’m kidding.

Actually, I know we won’t cross paths, because most of my transport will be via the Metro. In an effort to promote ridership during his visit, the WTA put up posters a of a bobble head pope riding the escalators up from the Metro. ….and then over protests of it, they were actually forced to take them down. Can you believe it?

But it will be a pain with him here. Because wherever he goes, so do 25,000 soldiers from the Clone Wars.

Seriously, the Metro is expecting ridership to increase by 25,000 each day over the next two days. Lucky me!

Except for a few transfer stations, I don’t think it will impact me too much. g-d, I fucking hope not.

So W, Cheney and Benedict in the same town at the same town. When does the 4th Horseman get here?


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