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Neon Bible

I’m not really late to the party on this one – I’ve just been blogging about other things, as you might have read.

Cenk Uygur had a good post two weeks ago on the Huffington Post regarding gay marriage.  As you might imagine, there are bible references all around it and included in his piece.

No offense to Mr. Uygur, but this is nothing new.  But I am always glad to hear the reinforcement of the argument, since we always hear the one line of ‘man lying down with man’ or the ‘Adam and Steve’ comment.

Yes, there isn’t tons (if anything) new in Uygur’s post, but it brought me back to a scene in the West Wing, where Jed Bartlet rattled off similar references to a thinly veiled Laura Schlessinger-like character.  It’s quite a fun scene to watch.

Even by the time Aaron Sorkin wrote this episode, things like this had been going around, thanks to the internets.  But the West Wing probably provided the biggest audience for folks to see something of this nature.

Naturally, I have never seen any right wing nut job or christian conservative come back with any response to one or more of these other bible quotes.  Most likely, they really don’t have answers to or for them.

Anyway, I’m happy to keep the momentum going and call out the hypocrites when necessary.

Song by:  the Arcade Fire

Races are Run

Yes, nothing says, “Get Out the Vote”, like a male adult movie “star”, who happens to be French and cannot actually vote.

At least the leather clad jock wearing cohort are voting for Obama too. I guess he is a uniter!

I was looking at some of my blog stats and someone was looking at this post from about a year and a half ago in particular.

There is nothing special about the post per se, except for maybe the second to last paragraph.  I hate to say “I told you so”, but……….

I still may be proven wrong. I hope I am.  According to the 538 national polls, Obama is up anywhere between 3-15%.  You have to assume a 3% margin of error for any of these, and I don’t know which is traditionally the most reliable poll.  Maybe it’s like ice skating or diving scores – you drop the highest and lowest outliers and just go by the other scores.  By that logic (which isn’t logic at all – not really), Obama is up by 5%, with still that margin or error.  It could still be tight.

So you know what you have to do.  Pull on your leather jock and cap, grab your Obama Soda and head to your polling place tomorrow.   It’s the American thing to do  – unless your French.

Song by: Buckingham /Nicks

Antichrist Television Blues

Yesterday, Becky twitted that the weather today was ‘so 9/11-y’.   Of course I had to come back with a snide reply that I thought it was very 9/10-y.  But I got what she meant – at least where I was.   Downtown was blue sky and low 70s.  Not too unlike 7 years ago.

One of my work peeps has his birthday today.  That’s gotta suck.  And he’s gotta be on a plane too.   Now I don’t think that sucks too much.  And I believe that in the law of averages it won’t happen again – not like it did.  But remembering his birthday isn’t all that difficult.

Everyone remembers 9/11.  But if you were born on 12/7 – is everyone anyone associating it with Pearl Harbor?

It still kind of floors me that it has been 7 years.  It seems like yesterday.  It seems like a lifetime ago.

If you haven’t seen the Pentagon memorial, I find it kind of impressive….and a little weird.  There is a bench for everyone who died, but the benches make-up the path of the jet into the building.  A little too freaky for me.

There’s really not point to this post.  I thought I’d have one with my friend’s birthday, but it never came into focus.  I wasn’t formulating anything of significance.

Why the Arcade Fire song?  The title doesn’t lend itself to the post – but the opening verse of the song does:

I don’t wanna work in a building downtown
No I don’t wanna work in a building downtown
I don’t know what I’m gonna do
Cause the planes keep crashing always two by two
I don’t wanna work in a building downtown
No I don’t wanna see when the planes hit the ground

Freaky.  But I still like the song.

Song by:  Arcade Fire

So Happy Birthday

No special post. Honest.

Today I make it to my 45th birthday. Or as I call it, the start of my 46th year. As I say every year – who knew I’d make it this long? Certainly not me. I should have been dead at least three times over.

Maybe it is a special post.

I think I have a few reasons while I’m still here: the man. the cats. the friends. Not necessarily in that order – but possibly. I guess we shouldn’t rule out a whole lot of luck.

At first I was thinking 45 is not a milestone birthday, but really – which one isn’t? That you can make 365 days without taking the big dirt nap should be celebrated.

So what are we doing? Doubtful we’re doing anything. I could be wrong and get surprised. Our big thing is doing a dinner out. We strive for doing a place neither of us has been before. But we rarely make it on the actual day. I will assume in the next weekend or two we’ll get there.

….then and maybe then, I’ll frickin’ Twitter it.

Song by: Laurie Anderson

Road to Dead

It is not Arlington, but Cleveland has a pretty impressive cemetery all its own.

Right down the street from us is Lakeview Cemetery – and I suppose like most, it’s rich in history. You can say that of all, since where there are dead, there is bound to be some history – whether it is boring or not.

Except for riding my bike through Lakeview (which is actually prohibited), I have never really been there. Supposedly, it is quite a tourist attraction. I will say, the grounds are beautiful. Not only are they fairly expansive but they have a few prominent folk taking the big dirt nap, including Eliot Ness, Jeptha Wade (founder of Western Union), John D. Rockefeller (founder of Standard Oil) and one president, James Garfield.

Garfield was only in office six months before he was assassinated. Actually, he was shot two months prior to his death – so I don’t know how history views those last 60 days or so of his ‘serving’. Anyhoo – he has this gianormous monument at the cemetery:

Not too shabby of a final resting place for someone who wasn’t president all that long
I love the ornate tile work and the $8.79 Home Depot ‘welcome’ mat. I love the fact that they are welcoming you to someone’s tomb. JFK could learn a thing about hospitality from JAG.
……at least the crypt got top billing!

I wasn’t expecting the caskets to be above ground, or not encased in marble. Ruckiry, (not Jon’s boss) the stench has mostly dissipated over the last 120 years. The two urns (if you can see them) are his daughter and son-in-law.

And from the observatory deck (yes, they have one) you see downtown Cleveburgh
The woman at the information center in the monument was quite unhelpful. Yes, Garfield had other children. No, she didn’t know where they were entombed. She made it quite clear she really didn’t know about anything she was supposed to know about. Nor did she seem to care.

Song by: Paula Cole

Site of the Month

Has anyone even realized I have not done a SotM for the last two months?

I didn’t think so.

I did – I just haven’t cared that much. Nothing has grabbed my interest enough I guess – and we all know if I’m not interested, you’re not interested.

It’s a fact!

I have pondered giving you three entries this month just to make up for it all, but we’ll see how it goes. If I am finding myself waning on doing actual writing, as I had been this last month, I might just use them as filler. Hell – they were filler to begin with.

So ladies and germs, I bring you:  Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a Horse

Yes, it is rude and crude and not nearly as funny as it could be (save the above image – which I actually laughed out loud at).  Had they tried just a little harder, it could have been hilarious.

But it’s what we’re left with.  It’s what you’re left with.

g-d, no wonder I haven’t been doing these posts.