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03:45 No Sleep

Ok, I wasn’t up this early, but not too far after it either.

I’m a borderline insomniac. I have been for the last decade. Five hours a night of sleep for me is not uncommon – and rare if it is five hours in a row. Oddly enough, I’m not too bad with it. At the very least, I’ve learned to cope with it.

I can fall asleep in a heartbeat – I just can’t stay asleep.

This awake time should be used for something more productive, but it isn’t.  Actually, for the ten years or so I’ve been like this, you think I would have adapted to what my body does – or doesn’t do, in this case.

Here is what I do.  My alarm is always set, on the off-chance I over sleep.  I’m not sure I’ve heard it go off too many times.  Most of the time it is on after I get out of the shower, change and eat breakfast.

Here is also what I do.  I wake up at 04:30 and there I lie.  I think of things I have to do – usually at work.  I think horrible thoughts of ‘what if Denton dies before I do’.  I think maybe I’ll go back to sleep.    It is especially that last one that baffles me.   I don’t go back to sleep, not really.  Maybe for a 10 minute eyes closed kind of thing, but I’m never truly back to sleep, yet I can’t drag my sorry ass out of bed.

First – I don’t want to wake Denton.  Secondly – I don’t want to disturb the cats.  They sleep right next to me, on either side.  They seemingly need me there and what would happen if I were to move?   Thirdly – what would I do?   TV?  No.   Wash dishes – probably not.   The gym isn’t open that early and I’d have to deactivate the alarm to get out the door, which would wake up the firstly and secondly feature of this paragraph.

So I lay there.

I am hoping (or I think Denton is) that my new exercise routine will change my sleep patterns. It would be nice I guess.  I do not seem any worse for the wear, but that might bedelusional on my part.  And I’m not alone.  CNN says folks in the U.S. are getting less and less sleep:  6.7 hours a night as an average.  I should be so lucky!   And I am bringing down that average.

Tonite (well, tomorrow morning actually) we set our clocks one hour ahead.   Yay for me!  One less hour of sleep!

Song by: the Cardigans

Accidents Never Happen

Another winter day. Another accident outside our house. Though sometimes you can hear the crash, usually it is the lack of sound that signals there has been a crash.

This is from last Saturday. The roads weren’t even that bad. Actually, they weren’t bad at all. I never know why they lose control on this hill. Most of them end up in our yard – like this one from last year.

With three lanes, two of them were blocked by the car and the emergency vehicles. I was thinking I might not make it to the gym. But it really wasn’t too hard to go around them.

Actually, I took the first shot through the screen – by accident. But it is a cool shot – isn’t it?


I’m sure it is wrong of me to think, but I just assume if you can’t keep it together on a mostly dry road, you’re probably just drunk.   Yeah – that’s it.

Song by: Blondie

Running Through the Garden

No No. The pic right here is not a Monet or Van Gogh. Actually, it is a garden that is all indoors. At least for this last weekend.

Yesterday we went to the annual Home & Garden Show.

Granted, we didn’t pay for these tickets. Friends of ours had comps and even they wouldn’t couldn’t go, so they were offered to us. It was a cold and snowy day, so what the hell we went. …and then got hit for fuckin’ $8 for parking!

Let’s just say, we didn’t get our $8 worth.

What you see above was almost the only real garden. There were a few displays of pergolas, water features and the likes. Then there were things like stone walks, windows replacements and gutter covers. Oh and hot tubs and outdoor furniture. (click image to enlarge)

Seriously, who would ever thing placing larger than life ants on their display was a good idea?

After that, the place was filled up with even more crap: homemade candies, incense, jewelry, hand-crafted wooden model airplanes, greyhound adoption, Sham-Wows and imitation Sham-Wows.

Home & Garden? Je think not! Yes you can put all these things IN a home, but c’mon……it’s a stretch at best.

Oh oh oh oh….and there is this: (you must click on image you enlarge. I mean – you must!)

WTF ????

I love the suspended-animation hair head. The “guy” styling her hair was not that amused by me taking her picture. I’ll let you decide whom I mean by “her”.

Again – Home & Garden?

Oh – and for no real good reason, there is this: An indoor ferris wheel.

I know I can’t get that in my home!

Song by: Fleetwood Mac

White Rabbit

I was home all day on Friday.  I had to be for two reasons – the biggest one was that it was -13 (sans windchill).  It was not a record low, oddly enough.  It did make it to -32 (avec windchill).  I wasn’t intending to wander outside unless absolutely necessary.

But while in Mexico I got a call that chairs I ordered way back in November had arrived!!  Yayyyyy.

While I was in DC, I stopped in Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams.  Well, “stopped in” is a fallacy.  I ducked in during an unexpected downpour.  I mean, I always wanted to go in each time I passed the store, but was always on the way somewhere else.

But while walking around the store, I came upon a chair I really liked and decided I wanted: The Alice.  We desperately needed two chairs for our living room but had never found anything remotely appropriate.   I will say this, I did hold off on ordering them right then and there before consulting with Denton.  I thought this to be fair.

Upon my return home, I showed it to him on-line.  There is no Gold+Williams store in Ohio, but we did have an independent retailer who carries their line – kind of.  So, off I dragged him to see the chair…………….which they didn’t have.  But we ordered two anyway, sight unseen by one of us. This is a big step for the partner, trust me.   We actually decided on fabric and wood colour in less than 30 minutes.  This is a huge step for us both.  Trust me.

So since I was going to be home on Friday, I arranged delivery from another country.  Sweet!  Not only that, they arrived not only between the designated time stated, but 10 minutes into the the earliest time!!!  SWEET!

Here are two shots of just one chair:

It looks more slope-y than it actually is.  They are bigger than they seemed in the big, wide-open store, but they work in the room.  Naturally now, Denton wants to replace the sofa, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.  I think it fits fine.

We will have to make sure the cats don’t sharpen their imaginary claws on them though.  The chairs that were there before were ruined by those non-clawed cats.  Believe it or not, those pads can damage more than you think.  So far so good.

Song by: Jefferson Airplane


Everyone is doing it – and I’m nothing if not a follower.  I made my own Obama poster.  You can too.  Thanks Paste Magazine!

I probably would have done it anyway, but because I have been on vacation, I needed to get something up and running.

We came back from Mexico to a 69 degree deficit. Yes, it was 73 degrees when we got to the airport in Cancun and 4 when I got to my car in the parking lot in Cleveburgh.   It was a brutal awakening.

It got a lot more brutal when we got home and found someone had gotten stuck in our new landscaping and probably just spun their tires for quite a bit of time before getting free.  Was it the mailman?  Was it the dry cleaner?  I know it wasn’t the pet sitter.   I do, but don’t care about the $$$$ (ok, I do!), but I would have really liked someone to fess up to it with an apology.

So, I’ll probably do one last vacation post with a few more pics.  I’m so sorry it’s over.  But whatta gonna do?

Song by: Rosanne Cash

Tall Trees

So, my plane arrives on Thursdee afternoon , and like the good partner I am, I call to say the (b)eagle has landed and that I’m headed home.

I know he’s at work. But he goes, “ummmm…..there might be a crew there when you get home.” Naturally, I respond “what kind of crew?”

Apparently, more landscaping. Much more. Denton “claims” I gave him a verbal ok. I do not recall this. I do recall him saying he was getting estimates and I believe that was the last I heard of it. Now I expect things in writing. And notarized.

Granted, we have had four or five ash trees right in front. Skinny little-ish things that stood 40-50′ high. But at least in NE Ohio, there is an ash borer that is going around killing all these trees. Cities up here have been taking them down proactively. Apparently, so are we. Just without my buy-in.

So this was the scene when I pulled up to the front of the house:

….and trust me, that isn’t even a sliver that was on the other side of the pile. More chopped up tree trunks and branches and a half-dozen undocumented workers landscapers.

It wasn’t all trees taken out.  No, a number of bushes had been removed too – but it’s not like he is going to leave things bare.  Above are the replacement shrubs, bushes and trees to go in their place.   There are more that are not in this picture.

They are all planted now, but it was pitch black at 7p when I got home last night.  And I haven’t been outside this morning.

I’m thinking in the next day or so, you’ll get a before, during and after post.  Because tomorrow is Sundee, and I haven’t even begun to think of a topic.  I might just make it easy on myself.

Song by: Crowded House

Now I Can’t Find the Door

….and now a break from my seemingly non-stop posts on politics.  Even I was getting tired of writing them – so reading them was probably no fun either.   ….at least after awhile.

As we slowly do some home improvement (not a good sign when the gay couple down the street has lived in their house for 31 years and still improving/renovating!), we just decided to get rid of the monochromatic entrance.   Or side entrance as the case may be – but it is used as the main one.  Don’t ask – it’s too complicated.

The entire way we enter the house needs to be redone, but that is a time and cash consuming project.  In this economic downturn, investing that much into it is not our highest priority.  So with $22 of paint and brushes, we (well Denton) tackled the door.

In a few mere hours we went to this:

We are looking for a new light to go above.  We found one, but I said it was too big.  No one listened to me – they never do.  But I was right – I always am.

The pictures don’t show it as much, but it makes a huge improvement when you approach the house.  The door really kind of pops.

Who knows, in another 31 years, we might be close to finishing this project.

Song by: Sam Phillips