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Site of the Month

Man, I am just knocking these out on or about the first day of the month, aren’t I?

This month you get two in one posting. Mostly because they are similar in nature.

At my last job, the two bosses I had in a two year period and I had an unofficial running contest on who could find fun grammar mistakes. Thank g-d, they never found this blog, or they could have easily won that game.

For a while, I was the only one to take pictures of the stuff I found, but later, Marty did too. David would only point things out. I don’t remember him ever presenting us with a picture (but if you really want to piss him off, use a lot of exclamation points. He HATES that!!!!!!!)

It all started off with the wrong use of an Apostrophe and how often it happens. Not so much on the “its” or “it’s”. We are talking words that don’t normally use the apostrophe.

David found a Flickr group that is dedicated to people submitting photographs of what they come across during a normal day. Grocer’s Apostrophe is where you can go to see upwards of 700 pics that have been uploaded. I have only submitted one – and one I have already published here from when we were in Mexico.

I was with Morty, George and Denton and actually walked back to take the shot, just so I could send it to Marty and David.

We have since moved on to inappropriate or unnecessary quotation marks. David found this website too – which is called cleverly enough, the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.

Marty finally got on board with picture taking thing and sent David and myself this two weeks ago. His email stated he was headed from the airport to Malleys, a candy store, to pick up sweets for his wife for Valentine’s Day.  He snapped this:

Of course, my response was,  “they’re hiring????”   I guess it’s proof that Obama’s stimulus package is working.

Naturally, I had to ask him if his wife knew he had stopped by “Malleys” on his way home.

I got zero response.


Site of the Month

What can be more fun than Mr. Picasso Head?

Well… truth, probably lots of things. But at MPH, you can be(come) a painter with virtually no way of screwing up or being bad at it.  One could view it as if Pablo had an Etch-a-Sketch.  No shaking with this site, just an ‘erase’ button.

If you don’t like it, just change it out. No worries.

I call this Self Portrait #2.   Mostly because it was my second try, mostly because I forgot to save #1.   I wasn’t really going for a self-portrait, but when it was done, I kind of thought it looked somewhat like me.  I guess it is all in the subconscious.

Clearly if it were me, the eyebrow would be thicker, the ears bigger (so says Tony), and I’d have lips.  The nose is dead-on.

Have fun.  Try it yourself.  Post them if you have a blog.

Site of the Month

Hey – why not just get this out of the way early in the month?

In no way would this interest anyone who doesn’t have a blog. It might not even be interesting to anyone who actually has a blog?

GenderAnalyzer attempts to make an educated guess at, well, the gender of the author of your blog.

Yup. You just put in the URL and it tries to figger out the sex of the writer. Not sexual preference. Just their sex.


Technically, I am a man. It might not be technically ‘writing’, but hey, that is why they call it a ‘technicality’.

But to just test something, I threw in another URL.

…..just as I always suspected!!!!!

Nah – she’s a woman. Mind you, she has the mouth of a sailor, but the boobs are real. Kind of.

Site of the Month

Why not make the SotM a seasonal one? I think last December I did the Office Max – Go Elf Yourself one for you folks. Or as Morty called it, Dancin’ with my Elf.

So David G brings to you, via me,  a new creepy version in the form of Macy’s Department Stores.

It is from their Believe campaign – which someone in Cleveburgh has already condemned because it makes it seem to little kids that Santa doesn’t exist in the first place.

Fuck, man – get a life!

I could probably never get my beard this long (oh yes, David was kind enough to use my own picture for this endeavour), but the going grey part is slowly creeping upon me – mostly in my beard.  Not so much the hair…..not that it would take much, obviously.

You can build your own Santa at the above link, or you can watch the one David built of me right here.


Site of the Month

Whatta do when there is a writer’s strike, but you’re a “creative” type and just need to keep working?

Make viral videos.  4 of them. Musical ones.

That’s what Joss Whedon did.   We love Josh.  Let’s face it, he created the 2nd greatest series ever – Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog stars NPH – yes, Doogie Howser himself.   But it also has Whedon’s Firefly star, Nathon Fillon (hubba hubba!)

The episodes are for sale on iTunes, but you can certainly see some of them (if not all) on YouTube.   There is also an official website, but it not longer shows them – just tells you how to buy them.

Site of the Month

Site of the Month

I’m giving the credit for this one to Denton. We were lying in bed and he axed me if i had heard of Jott.

I had not.

Jott is a voice-activated program that allows you to draft emails, Twitters, voice memos to your iPhone or update your Facebook page, if you feel the need.  It seems you can also update your Blogger or WordPress blogs.

There is a free version, but of course there are $$$$ versions too.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you get what you pay for.

It is kind of a neat idea, but I don’t need this.  I don’t feel the need to blog this way – or Twitter.  Maybe some day, but not today.  Not tomorrow.

It brings a new meaning to the term, “phoning it in”.

Site of the Month

A few months ago, I did a site of the month for Dickipeida and then way way back I did WookiePedia.

I guess Wiki is just going to drive my SotMs every now and again.  That’s ok.

I actually found this from my friend, Brad.  I had heard that Sarah Palin’s personal email address had been hacked, but since I was traveling, I had not really heard any details.  Brad says this is where he found it:  Wikileaks.

As for Palin’s email  – g-d, I hope she really was conducting government business on a personal address in an attempt to get around freedom of information of elected officials.  She really is a twat.

I mean – not really as stupid as McCain not knowing the difference between Spain and Mexico.

Anyhoo – there are a number of leaked and underreported stories via Wikileak – for the conspiracy theorist in all of us.