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Strangeness and Charm

I don’t know what I have to say or not say today. I’m tired of talking about the gym – and you’re probably tired of hearing about it.

I am sure I could go on and on about something, but I came across a clip of Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman, promoting his new and possibly last movie.

For those who haven’t heard/read/seen – Joaquin has been making a stink about retiring from celluloid and foraying into the world of hip hop.   Whatever, dude.

But he was indeed on Letterman, though not really on Letterman. Dave is in his prime.  I love seeing him when he is on.  You have to watch the clip – and I do mean the entire clip – to truly enjoy the weirdness of the situation.

Song by: Tim Finn

Happy Dog (for Caggy)

Yes – it is my annual post for the Puppy Bowl. This is possibly the most important sporting event of the year! (that is not just hyperbole, either!)

I have never cared about the Super Bowl…and that’s not just because Cleveland has never been in it, or possibly will ever be in it. It is just the most over-hyped sporting event. Ever.

Quick! Who played in it last year? Who even won? Yeah, I didn’t think you’d know either – at least without Goooooogling it.

It’s not even worth sitting through it for the commercials. That’s what YouTube is for anyhow.

The Puppy Bowl is just fun. And cute.

C’mon! 20 doggies romping around a heavily product-placemented (it could be a word!) gridiron? What’s not to love? Buster, Charlie Brown, Griffey, Mac & Mercy are my picks before going into the game.

Oh – who will get MVP (most valuable puppy)?

And of course, let’s not forget the Kitty Half-Time Show. You can watch Springsteen almost anywhere these days. Watch the kitties and doggies instead.

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Blobby claims Milk ‘Best Movie of the Year’.

Yes, yes, it is so far Blobby’s only movie of the year, as he saw it just four days into 2009. But he’s fairly certain it would rank up there even if it were later in the year.

We went to go see the movie yesterday. It is still not playing at any megaplexes, and maybe that is not the plan. 20 minutes prior to the film, we were two of maybe 10 folks. A few minutes before the start the place was pretty packed.

But it was the demographics that threw me. It is quite possible we were the only gay men in the theater. I don’t think there were a dozen men in the place, and all of them (save us) were with women. Real ones.

The two biddies (is that the right spelling?) behind us drove me nuts – though Denton never noticed them.  Each and every time that Dan White was in a scene, one would go “oh no!”.  I’m like, lady, it is 26 minutes into the movie, he isn’t shooting him in the first half-hour!   Let’s say Dan White was in 20 scenes.  She said “oh no”, each and every time.

As for the movie, Gus Van Sant does a great job of bringing a feel, the look, the energy and desperation of the times.  Sean Penn does a remarkable job as Harvey, and when you see him in comparison to Brad Pitt’s underwhelming performance in Benjamin Button, you wonder how Penn won’t walk away with another Oscar.   The supporting cast is pretty good too.  James Franco can do more than Spiderman, apparently.   I barely recognized Victor Garber as George Moscone.

I’m not ashamed to say that Milk made me tear-up more than a few times.  More than Brokeback did.

Clearly, one can all too easily draw comparisons to Proposition 6 in 1978 to Prop 8 three decades later.  It clearly depicts how far we’ve come and how far we haven’t in that same time.  I sat there and wondered if this movie had been released in September, if that would have helped sway 5% more voters in California come election day.

But you can’t change the past.  What you do is take lessons from these times, and movies that depict them, learn from them and make progress. Hopefully.

I highly recommend Milk.  Go see it.  Joe-Blob says check it out.

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Wrap It Up

Is it just me, or do the folks in the Snuggie commercials have really poor circulation – or are they just one Hale-Bopp comet sighting short of grabbing their Nike’s, a bottle of vodka a Hefty bag and heading for their bunk beds?

They left out the quadrant that said : While Committing Suicide. Ruckiry (not Jon’s boss) here is a snap-shot from the Director’s Cut of the commercial:

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The Hardest Button to Button

We made our way to movie #9 for this year.   I know to most folks, you’re going “only #9 ??!!

For those paying attention, I’ve tried to make one movie per month this year, but really there just hasn’t been much to see out there.  …..well, that I’d pay for.  As usual, the last month has been a plethora of potential Oscar releases, and while I now can make it to #12, time is not on my/our side.

So Friday’s get out was to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  The plan was to see Milk, but oddly enough, it wasn’t playing at the Gooooogleplex.

The theatre was packed, but not sold out.  Not like when we attempted to see Australia the other week.  With those iffy reviews and it was sold out?

Long and short of it:  it was ok.  Maybe even better than ok.  Was it really good or great?  Nah. I found it to be a cross between Forrest Gump and the Hours.  I loved the latter, but not so much the former.

All the buzz around Mr. Pitt’s performance being Oscar worthy.  What’s that about?  I don’t get it.   Granted, I haven’t seen the other contenders:  Seymour-Hoffman, Penn, Langella or……or……   Ok, maybe if the possibilities are that limited, Brad might be in the running.   But I’m not sure he should be, let alone win.

Ditto for Cate Blanchett.

Tilda Swinton was really good, but when isn’t she?   …even if her part is historically inaccurate.

So yeah, if you’re thinking of going, it is worth a matinee price for sure, but questionable on the full priced evening showings.

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The Married Man

There have been some half-baked thoughts out there on Prop 8 – on both sides.  Maybe not that bad, but more wrought with emotion than logic.   My Keith Olbermann post from the other day was one I liked, but for the demographic who watch his show – he was preaching to the choir.  He was not really bringing one over to the Gay Side of marriage.

Last Saturday, on Real Time with Bill Maher, Dan Savage was on (again) – his first time after Prop 8 failed.  I’m not a huge fan of Savage’s written column – it’s a bit over the top for me – but as a commentator, he’s articulate, and has well thought-out ideas and if need be, arguments.

Take this clip.  Yeah, you have to sit through Ashton Kutcher, and his borderline homophobic response (about 50 seconds in) – he almost redeems himself (1:45 in).   Almost!

It is really about 4:10 into the video where Savage presents one of the best counterpoints to the Right, or the Mormons, or the Catholics rationale on why same sex marriage is a threat to the institution.   It’s a fun thing to watch – but maybe that’s just me.

Fall-out from Prop 8 continues.  The multiple protests that happened last weekend (admittedly, I did not attend in the 35 degree pouring rain) – which was coordinated in days via FaceBook or MySpace.  They got hundreds of thousands of people protesting – something HRC couldn’t do in a year’s worth of planning.

There is a push for Hollywood to boycott the Sundance Film Festival – as the latter is full of Mormons (major instigators to push Prop 8 to pass) and the former is full of homosexuals.  No – it’s true!  I swear!!!

I’m ok with the boycott.  Nothing good has come out of Sundance since sex, lies and videotape anyway.

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Family Man

Did you guys see Family Guy the other night? Did ya? Did ya?

The episode was only ok, but it had a great great great dig, that effectively (I think) tied McCain & Palin to Nazis.

Yes, you heard that right.

The image you see in the corner of this post is Stewie, who had time-traveled back in time to when Hitler & Gang invaded Poland. Stewie was dressed as Adolph. He looked down at his uniform and goes, “oh what’s this….?” and unveils the above pin attached to his jacket.

It got HUGE yucks in this house – and there are only two of us. Well, four, but the cats just didn’t get the joke. It actually topped the bumper sticker that was slapped on the back of an Imperial Cruiser in their version of Star Wars.

Don’t bother trying YouTube’ing it. Fox has already taken it down.  But there are quite a number of articles all over the internets mentioning, praising, or defaming the episode.

My understanding is that Madonna also tries to tie McCain to Hitler in her new tour – but I haven’t seen it nor do I plan to.  Seems the poor old fogey can’t seem to catch a break.  Of course, he is probably old enough to actually know Hitler.

So to recap:  McCain=Bad!

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